What’s drill and thrill?

This blog is about promoting positive reinforcement to advance learning is all species.

The phrase ‘drill and thrill’ is from Stephen R Flora’s book “The Power of Reinforcement,” “…mastery of the conventional by repetitious reinforced responding lays the foundation for later creative work. … Mastery of the ordinary, through reinforced repetitions (drilling) is a prerequisite for the extraordinary. Mozart, or Ray Charles, or members of the Beatles, all spent thousands of hours drilling by playing conventional music and standard covers… Bill Gates spent semester after semester in high school programing after class. “Top performers invariably drill the standard basic skills of their sport. If the basics are not mastered, if the basics are not fluent, then any achievements beyond the basic will not be possible.(p. 140)

Learning basic math (addition and subtraction) for example, may require over fifty thousand repetitions (L. K. Miller, 1977, p. 261)